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    In 1995, the original Horizon West concept included nine villages and a town center on 38,000 acres. Since that time, thousands of acres have been removed from the village designation and Horizon West planning area by municipal annexations and the creation of the Lake Avalon Rural Settlement. In 2004, Lake Avalon residents petitioned Orange County for removal from the planning area and establishment of design guidelines to retain their large-lot, rural residential development pattern and rural character. As such, the current Horizon West planning area is now 23,000 acres — almost 36 square miles.

    Horizon West is a 23,000-acre planning area in Orange County, Florida, composed of several mixed-use, pedestrian-scale villages surrounded by greenbelts and supported by a mixed-use Town Center. Plans for development in Horizon West incorporate principles of new urbanism and neighborhood planning into a blueprint for more sustainable communities. Its scale has dictated the combination of many different planning tools, including specific area plans, minimum density requirements, development agreements, transfer of development rights, and adequate public facilities requirements.

    Horizon West is a community that will be built one neighborhood at a time, as the neighborhood is the cornerstone of Horizon West’s planning concept. Each village, which can be between 1,000 and 3,000 acres, can contain from two to four neighborhoods, each composed of approximately 500 acres. Each neighborhood in Horizon West’s villages has an elementary school at its center and is connected by multiuse paths (see Figures 5) and a park, ensuring a pedestrian-friendly walk of no more than one-half mile from the neighborhood’s housing.

    Horizon West Homes

     Important Points

    • The Horizon West Sector Plan was approved in 1995 as an alternative to traditional suburban development and a tool to combat urban sprawl.
    • The Village Land Use classification was incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan. At that time, the Village concept was a new development pattern that encouraged self contained mixed?use developments.
    • Horizon West now consists of five Villages and a Town Center.
    • The Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (APFO) and Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) Ordinance are two growth management tools used to ensure that adequate public facilities are in place prior to development, and preserve wetlands and greenbelts.
    • Vacant and agricultural lands are predominant in the Horizon West area.
    • Property ownership fragmentation presents a challenge to future development.
    • Approximately 14,000 people live in Horizon West today. This community is younger and wealthier than other parts of unincorporated Orange County.



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