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    VA home loan myths | Vince Paige | Orlando Realtor

    Dismiss VA home loan myths about the federally-backed, zero down loan program.

    Myth #1 – VA purchase loans are not for short-sale or foreclosed real estate
    Myth #2 – Surviving spouses don’t qualify for VA mortgages
    Myth #3 – Military members deployed overseas can’t get a VA-guaranteed loan.
    Myth #4 – All realtors are good VA home loan advisors
    Myth #5 – VA loans take forever to close

    Fact #1: VA home loans can be used to purchase foreclosed and short-sale with as little as no money down.  VA-eligible borrowers may have an advantage over those who need up to 20% cash down to qualify for conventional loans.  A VA appraiser is trained to certify value and safety and can spot red flags of distressed properties.

    Fact #2: Veterans, active duty and certain surviving spouses are eligible for VA home loan benefits. Qualified surviving spouses may borrow up to $417,000 (more in high-cost counties) with no money down.  And, surviving spouses are exempt from paying the VA funding fee.

    Fact #3:  Military members deployed overseas can sign a document called power of attorney or (POA) designating a spouse or someone else to act as on their behalf for a VA loan transaction.  The POA grants permission for the attorney in fact to sign on behalf of the VA-eligible borrower.  The service member must give intent to obtain a VA loan through an email, letter or other correspondence. Only a spouse can satisfy the occupancy rule (move in within 60 days of closing) in a deployed serviceperson’s stead.  Otherwise, the borrower serving away from home will be granted an extension of up to 12 months to occupy the home.

    Fact #4:  A VA certification for real estate agents does not exist.  Therefore, a real estate agent should not be used as a reliable source for VA loan information.  Real estate agents who are not well-informed about VA loans can even unintentionally dissuade VA-eligible borrowers from choosing the program which may be best for them.  A VA specialty lender, one whose majority product is VA-backed loans, can provide reliable VA loan facts.

    Fact #5: If a lender is specialized in VA home loans, then closing can often happen within 30 days.  The VA-approved lender is given flexibility to decide on its own whether a borrower is a satisfactory credit risk.  Even a borrower with extenuating circumstances may close quickly.

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    How Much Does an In-ground Pool Cost?


    There are many different variables that affect how much an in ground pool costs to build and to operate. The main variable is simply size. Obviously, the larger a pool is the more it’s going to cost. The second major variable is the type of pool. Pools that are lined with certain materials are more expensive than pools that are lined with others. The other major factor is the inclusion of non-essential items such as diving boards, heating, filtration systems, and other bells and whistles that are commonly added to pools.


    How Much Does an Average In ground Swimming Pool Cost?

            Most pools, especially properly-lined ones, cost upwards of $20,000 to build though in many parts of the country it will cost considerably more. Some pools cost much more, of course. Extremely large pools, those that are very deep, or ones that include lots of extras like heating or filtration can cost well upwards of more than $50,000. An average homeowner who is looking to put in a moderately deep, relatively nice in-ground pool can expect to pay between $20,000 and $30,000.

    What Can I Do to Get an In-ground Pool Cheaply?

           To begin with, it’s a good idea to shop around quite a bit before you pick a contractor to build your in-ground swimming pool to make sure that you get the best price. You can also consider doing some of the labor, especially the digging, if you’re capable of doing such work. Also, keep in mind that even small changes in size can signal large alterations in price. And, if you still don’t think that you can afford an in-ground pool, try looking at above-ground models. They’re much less expensive and can offer the same amenities as in-ground pools. 


    Be well,

    Vincent Warren Paige, Jr.
    REALTOR® | RE/MAX Showcase
    Luxury Property Specialist
    Certified Broker Price Opinion Registered Agent (BPOR)
    8934 Conroy Windermere Road  |  Orlando, FL  32835
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