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    Home prices in College Park range from $200,000 – $2,500,000

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    College Park is one of Orlando’s best kept secrets. College Park is a distinct neighborhood within the city of Orlando, Florida, deriving its name from the many streets within its bounds that were named for institutions of higher learning like Princeton, Harvard, and Yale. Its close proximity to downtown has made it a popular residential area for over a century, particularly among young professionals. Located between Fairbanks Avenue to the North, Colonial Drive to the South, Highway 441 to the West and Orange Avenue as the Eastern boundary and set around 287 acres of lakes, including Lake Adair, Ivanhoe, Concord and Silver.

    This lovely, unique, urban neighborhood has, for decades been home to some of Orlando’s most distinguished community leaders. Some are as world famous as Astronaut John Young and author Jack Kerouac. John Young attended Princeton Elementary School and graduated from Orlando High School and the city respectfully named the world class Science Center for him in recognition of his enormous contribution to space science.

    Downtown College Park is what draws so many to this wonderful, village within the city. Tea houses, fabulous restaurants and cafes (26 in number), houses of worship, and one of the top five cooking schools in the country. Combine this with an organic farmers market, the celebrations of “Holiday on the Drive”, “Sunday in the Park”, homecoming parades and events, wine tasting, and all with a wonderful hometown atmosphere.

    The homes in College Park vary from small cottages to vast estates. There is a place for everyone here. Its residents have recognized the wonderful haven that is College Park and have found living in College Park a true American Dream.*

    *Shared from http://www.collegeparkorlando.org and Wikipedia