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Construction To Perm Product:

  • Can finance up to $2Million
  • LTV up to 90%
  • 700 Minimum credit score for LTV 80% and above
  • Can be primary or second home

The following construction specific documentation is required:

  • Construction Contract signed by builder and borrower
  • Must contain a fixed total cost to construct
  • No self help or sweat equity, must be a complete house under one contract
  • Copy of Deed & Title Policy (if lot titled to borrower)
  • Copy of HUD-1 if owned less than 6 months
  • Lot Purchase Contract fully executed (if applicable)
  • Legal Description of subject property
  • Builder Cost Breakdown or Cost Breakdown
  • Complete set of accurate blue-line drawings and specifications (to be made available to the appraiser)
  • Plot plan with proposed home shown
  • Survey with home drawn in within setbacks and easements labeled proposed
  • Signed copy of Affidavit Not to Commence

Lot Program:

  • LTV up to 65%
  • Finance up to $300K
  • Minimum credit score of 680 for loans $200k or less, minimum credit score of 720 for $200k-$300k
  • Unimproved Land (maximum of 10 acres)
  • The property must be in a developed, plotted subdivision with all utilities installed at the site
    • Wells/Septic Systems are acceptable if typical for the market area
    • If the property has public utilities, they must be installed


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