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Here are some tips on how sellers can best position themselves to get multiple offers, and how buyers can best position themselves to get the house of their dreams.

For Sellers:

Spruce Up. It helps tremendously if the home is move in ready. Repainting the inside, repainting the front steps, power washing the outside, and cutting the bushes back is definitely worth the effort.

Take professional Pictures! Do not take the pictures with a camera phone and try to slide by… Do NOT take just a couple… The MLS lets you post over 20, why would you give just 1 picture taking from the county records? Laziness! Get another realtor, your realtor should give 1000% like their hair is on fire! Take enough to spark interest!

Build up excitement. Leak the word out in the neighborhood that you might be putting the house on the market. Then list the house on a Monday with no showings until Friday to generate interest to see what the home has to offer.

Use An Experienced Agent. Do not get emotional when offers come in, it is a business transaction of your most precious object, your home. The goal is to net as much as you can in the shortest amount of time. The longer your home sits on the market the “staleness” sets in and you lose negotiating leverage. Read the contracts thoroughly, and take note of contingencies!

For Buyers:

Put down a big deposit. The deposit, or earnest money, can speak volumes. The more earnest money you put down, the more serious you appear to the seller.

Limit contingencies. If a buyer demands too many contingencies, that can decrease the appeal of the offer.

If there’s no financing, buyers can waive the right to an appraisal (typically a house has to appraise at or above the purchase price in the contract). I have even seen buyers bring a home inspector or contractor with them to a first or second showing to look at structural issues and help the buyer make a fast decision, without a home inspection contingency.

Pay cash. “The best offer for a seller is cash and a quick closing.”

Elevate your expectations,

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