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New Comer Resources

Animal Regulations

Animals are required to be registered annually with the County, be on a leash or within a fenced area. Osceola County Animal Control, 3910 Old Canoe Creek Rd., St. Cloud, FL 34769. Phone 407.343.7101.

Auto License Plates

Anyone with a vehicle is required to have a Florida license immediately upon residency or employment in Osceola County, or upon placing a child in school. To register your vehicle, you will need title, car registration, and proof of Florida insurance. County Tag Agency Office, 1300 9th Street, St. Cloud, FL 34769.
Phone Number 407.742.4000.

Boat Registration

Boats used in Florida waters must be registered with the County Tax Collectors Office within 20 days of purchase. Boats registered in another state do not need a Florida license if they are used in Florida less than 90 days. For more information call 407.742.4000.

Cable Television

Bright House provides cable services for most of the City of St. Cloud and parts of Osceola County: Customer service – 407.847.8001. ComCast provides cable services for parts of Osceola County: Customer Service – 877.760.5341.


The entire 15 square miles of the City of St. Cloud is connected to the Internet by means of many overlapping receiver antenna towers that transmit a signal which your computer picks up. This CyberSpot Wi-Fi, wireless fidelity, is offered free of charge to residents of the City of St. Cloud. St. Cloud is the first city in the nation to offer free wireless Internet service to all its city residents. For information call 888.499.4971. Use Pin number 600102.

Driver’s License

New Florida residents must obtain a Florida driver’s license within 30 days of establishing residency, registering to vote, or placing a child in school. This may be done at the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles, Drivers License Division, 192 & Partin Settlement Rd., Kissimmee, FL. Phone 407.846.5240. Florida driver’s handbooks are available at the Chamber of Commerce.

Electrical Service, Water & Sewer, Natural & Propane Gas

OUC – The Reliable One manages the St. Cloud electrical system. New residential connections can be made at 1300 9th Street, St. Cloud, FL 34769. For OUC Customer Service, call 407.957.7373. Water and sewer services are provided by the City of St. Cloud. Public Works Department is located in the Municipal Building at 1300 9th Street. Phone 407.957.7347. Natural Gas is provided by Kissimmee/St. Cloud Gas Company, 407.847.3582.

Establishing Florida Residency

Legal residency in Florida may be established in one of two ways: By filing a Declaration of Domicile at the Clerk of the Circuit Court office, Osceola County Court House, 407.343.3500; or by registering to vote at the Supervisor of Elections Office, 2509 E. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, Kissimmee, FL 34744. Phone 407.742.6000.

Fishing License

Freshwater and saltwater fishing licenses are mandatory for residents between the ages of 16 and 65. Visitors may obtain 7 or -10 day, non-resident licenses from the Osceola County Tax Collector’s Office: 407.742.4000, online at Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission:, local bait and tackle shops, sporting goods stores, such as Wal-Mart and K-Mart.

Health Clinics

Osceola County Health Department: 407.343.2000. Center for Women and Family Health, 1050 Grape Ave., St. Cloud FL 34769. Phone 407.943.8699. WIC program, St. Cloud: 407.943.8679.

Hunting License

A license is required for anyone to hunt or attempt to take game or fur-bearing animals. There is a special season, legal methods, bag limits, requirements, and regulations. Consult the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s hunting handbook available at 407.846.5300, online at, or at 1601 Scotty’s Rd., Kissimmee 34744.

Marriage License

Both individuals must present photo identification (driver’s license or passport). Osceola County Courthouse, 2 Courthouse Square, Suite 2000, Kissimmee, FL 34741. Phone 407.343.3530

Occupational License

All business and professional offices need an occupational license to operate. Obtain at the St. Cloud Building Department, 1300 9th Street, St. Cloud, 34769. Phone 407.957.7297.


Passport office, Osceola County Courthouse, 2 Courthouse Square, Suite 2000, Kissimmee, FL 34741. Phone 407.343.3530

Post Office

There are two U.S. Post Office locations in St. Cloud: 4701 Old Canoe Creek Rd., 407.892.6883; and 1712 E. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway at Magnolia Square, 407.892.9683.

Public Library

Veterans Memorial Library is part of the Osceola County Library System. Many programs for all ages are provided. For details: 810 13th Street, St. Cloud, FL 34769. Phone 407.742.8888.

Recycling, Solid Waste Landfill

The City of St. Cloud provides regular trash pick-ups within the city limits. For pick-up and landfill schedules and details call 407.957.7289. County residents may call 407.962.1100.

Seat Belts

Florida law requires that all passengers in the front seat of a vehicle wear seat belts. Drivers will be held responsible and fined for passengers age 15 and below in the front seat not wearing seat belts. Passengers 16 and older in the front seat and not wearing a seat belt will be fined. Children three and younger must be in federally approved child restraint seats. For more information call the County Bureau of Public Safety, 407.348.2222 or call the City Bureau of Public Safety, 407.891.6700, 4700 Neptune Road, St. Cloud.

Social Security

Office located at 1201 East Oak Street, Kissimmee. Hours: 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. Toll-free number 866.475.6644.

Supervisor of Elections

You must be a U.S. citizen and 18 years of age by Election Day to register to vote. Proof of residency is not required, but you must fill out an application form and provide some form of local identification with picture and signature. To vote in an election, registration must be made 29 days before Election Day. Voter Registration, 2509 E. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, Kissimmee, FL 34744. Phone 407.742.6000.

Tax Information

The Homestead Act is a unique feature of Florida Law which provides that legal residents who meet certain requirements are granted a $25,000 exemption on the assessed evaluation of one’s residence. Florida has no state income tax. There is a sales tax, intangible assets tax on stocks, bonds, and other securities. There is a tax on tangible property used in business. Osceola County Property Appraiser’s St. Cloud Branch is located at 1300 9th St., Building B, Suite 120. Phone 407.742.5192 or 407.742.5000. Tax Collector: 407.742.4000.

Telephone Service

St. Cloud and Osceola County receive telephone service from Embarq/Sprint. For residence and business accounts with one to four lines call 800.339.1811; businesses with five or more lines call 800.800.7141. Telephone books may be obtained from the St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce, 1200 New York Ave., St. Cloud.
Phone 407.892.3671.

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